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About Yataiki (Miyano Dai Endo)

Miyano Dai Endo, also known as Yataiki, is traditional old school in the new century. A nationally known calligrapher, he is also a 3rd generation blacksmith and master craftsman. Both he and his father, Miyano Tetsunosuke II, were successively granted the historic name “Miyano” for being the finest living saw makers in all of Japan. Yataiki visited The Crucible in Berkeley last summer and demonstrated his bladesmithing and saw-blade making expertise to wide acclaim. He joins us this spring and summer for the first of hopefully many workshops in traditional Japanese toolmaking.

The use of the Japanese forge and fuigo to make laminated tools is an incredibly effective and low tech process that is still one of the best ways
to attain the finest edged tools necessary for high quality woodworking.