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Herman's Home Workshop - 2006/05/21

Phil and Bob visited Herma at hiss home workshop today. What we got to see was quite a treat - Herman is quite an accomplish in tools and furniture making.

Herman verifying the bedding angle of his hefty jointer plane. This is a very cool plane. It's designed to be a stantionary tool - the work piece is pushed over it for jointing.
Herman's workbench - standard trestles and planing beam.
Saw holder
Jointer plane in position for jointing tasks. Check out the fine shavings.
Chamfer planes. Herman purchased the one on the left from AquaStone. He made the one on the right.
A mini chamfer plane made by Herman - a 30-degree version.
Various joineries and small projects by Herman.
Kama tsugi - half lapped gooseneck joint.
Display cabinet. Herman took a Tools & Techniques course at College of the Redwoods and made this cabinet in the class.
Display cabinet (close-up view).