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2008/12/25 Bob Le - Four-cornered End Grain Boxes

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Boxes with four-cornered end grains. I used the drawing in George Nakashima's book, The Soul of a Tree, (page 124) for reference. Materials: Cherry and old growth red cedar.

Last Update:
2009/01/01 - Page created by Bob Le.

01 - George Nakashima's description - "The end grain of each board shows at the corner joints. This joinery requires great skill, since forcing can snap the end grain off."
02, 03, 04, 05 - Fuku masu ("happiness box"). Dimension: L-5" x W-5.75" x H-4".
06, 07, 08 - Jewelry box. Dimension: L-7" x W-7" x H-3.25".
09, 10