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Kanna - Tsunesaburo II: Gojyunen

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According to http://japantool-iida.com/, "This product uses special ordered blue steel which Tsunesaburo the first ordered in the 1940s. Tsunesaburo the first, who collected various steels, carefully selected the material and asked to make the steel. It has the great features of blue steel and white steel so that it is easy to sharpen and has great durability. This is an original steel that only Tsunesaburo has!"

According to Ludo, "The plane's subblade is laminated but not matching the main blade. This Gojyunen was made by Tsunesaburo II. It is more common for planes made by the Tsunesaburo factory (and in fact many other factories as well) to have standard and not matching subblade. Until relatively recently, a bit more than 1 year or so, only the higher end planes made by Tsunesaburo had matching subblades, either made by Tsunesaburo I, or by Tsunesaburo II. Then under the influence of few (2 for sure) customers of Tomohito Iida who required matching subblades, this has changed. And this was at a time when Iida-tool didn't have any web site, but was only offering very few planes on ebay. This being said, the subblade of the Gojyunen has the stamp of Tsunesaburo. It is laminated and of very good quality."

Size: 70mm
Steel Type: Blue Steel (made in 1940's
Owner: Ludo (70mm)

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